State Government slashes feed-in-tariff

The New South Wales Government unexpectedly announced earlier today that it would be drastically cutting the NSW feed in tariff rate paid for new solar power system connections under the Solar Bonus Scheme; from 60c/kWh to 20c/kWh as of midnight tonight.

So, to obtain the 60c feed-in-tariff you need to purchase a system before midnight tonight, then you have 21 days to lodge your feed-in-tariff application with the utility.

Some companies are staying open until midnight to allow last-minute purchasing: http://www.energymatters.com.au/government-rebates/solar-bonus-scheme.php


Feed-in-tariff legislation under review

The NSW government has announced that the 60c/KWh State Feed-in-tariff legislation for household photovoltaic and wind systems is being reviewed. Whilst this will not affect solar systems already connected, systems installed in the future may not recieve as generous benefits as those already connected.

Therefore, if you are planning on install solar PV panels, it would be advisable to do it relatively soon to ensure that the maximum 60c/KWh feed-in-tariff will be paid for 7 years.

Check back here for updates regarding the review of the legislation.


Green Loans program information

For up-to-date information the Green Loans Program visit the department's website

$50 Green Reward vouchers
The government has announced that Green Reward vouchers are only eligible for households who had the assessment booked prior to May 22. For information about the $50 Green-rewards voucher click here

Assessments reports
Is your assessment report has taken more than one month to get back to you, contact the Green Loans enquiries hotline on 1300 778 451


Solar power factsheet

Click here for our factsheet explaining the solar power REC's rebate (the Solar Credits Scheme) and the NSW Gross feed-in-tariff.


Pools and running costs

Pools cost a lot to run(not to mention all those chlorine and salt cell costs).Check out this article! It about ionising your pool as an alternative to heavy chlorine and pumping, leading to less chemicals in the pool, and lower bills and emissions. It's the same sort of technology they used to maintain the Athens 2004 Olympic pool, so it's tried and tested, but still somewhat of a secret.


Solar Power Investment Calculator

Click here to download the solar power investment calculator (excel 2003 file)

Solar Power buying tips

Here are some tips to consider when thinking about getting grid-connect solar

Is it worth upgrading your older fridge?

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Choose your energy provider and save

With deregulated electricity and gas markets you can choose a variety of deals, including Greenpower options. These useful and free sites, switchwise.com.au and goswitch.com.au allow you to see what other deals are out there.


$50 Green vouchers

As part of your participation in the Green Loans Program, you will recieve a $50 green voucher in the mail to spend on anything on the 24 following list of items:

1. Compact flourescent lamps (CFLs)
2. Light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs
3.Water efficient shower head (AAA rated 9L/ min or lower)
4. Shower timer